Devon + Brad Couple Session // Calgary Wedding Photographers

Okay, let's start by saying that Devon + Brad have the freaking sweetest meet-cute story ever. Devon is from the States, Brad is from Canada. They were both on a cruise with their families a couple of years ago + when the ship was at port, Brad's dad struck up a conversation with Devon's family (who they had never met before). That conversation led to their families hanging out for the rest of their vacation, becoming friends, + going on future vacations together. It also kick-started a years long crush that eventually led to Devon + Brad being together when the timing was just right + they could both live in the same country.

LIKE?!?! How. Freaking. Sweet.

Anyway, here are some photos of this super sweet couple with the super sweet meet-cute story. We drank coffee + tried to convince them to get a golden retriever puppy + took advantage of some the pretty rad shooting locations that Calgary's East Village has to offer (we were ALL over those brick walls). 

Adam and Alexandra Photography Calgary Engagement -33.jpg
Adam and Alexandra Photography Calgary Engagement -72.jpg
Adam and Alexandra Photography Calgary Engagement -111.jpg

Mac + Kels Couple Session // Calgary Wedding PHotographers

We were dying to shoot at our local roller rink before it closes this month. It's where some of our favourite childhood memories were made + has literally not changed since well before our grade school birthday parties. We're grateful that this cute as hell couple said yes to a night of slipping around on skates, coca cola, + jamming out to 90s hits. Way too much fun.

Lloyd's. We'll always remember you as the best place to party to the Spice Girls and have elementary school life-changing moments, like holding sweaty hands with our crushes for an entire song + somehow not falling in front of them. We'll miss you.

Wynne + Joseph // Elbow Falls, Alberta Engagement

These two + a cloudy day + this place. It was all a dream.