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Hey, this is us!

Adam is a Pizza Pop-loving sci-fi dork who loves a good socks + sandals combo, hates musicals, + is the luckiest Value Village shopper you'll ever meet. Alex is a potato chip addict + teen drama enthusiast who's never met a food stuffed with another kind of food she didn't like. At least 25% of our sentences to each other are Community + The Office quotes built into regular conversation + one of our greatest sources of joy is when we get promotional emails from pizza joints.

here for the realness

Our approach to photography is to document your lives + love authentically. We're all about creating photographs that are true + unique to your story. We want your every day. We want the intimacy, the silliness, the chaos, the realness. You've found another human who gets you, who you have weird inside jokes with, who you've grown with, who you think is so freaking awesome + so much a part of you that you want to say I Do Forever Come Whatever. We want to honour + celebrate that with our photographs. So let's hang out + become buds. Let's go on an adventure, create some memories, snap photos. We'll provide some guidance + direction but mostly we'll just let the moments unravel naturally. You do you + together we'll create photos that you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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Your wedding, the day you marry your best friend, is one of the most meaningful days of your life. We want you to feel confident in knowing that we're there to document every moment. We'll capture the intimacy + emotion of your first look, the family portraits your grandparents will frame for their bookshelf, the uninhibited joy + silliness of the dance floor, + all the moments in between. We'll capture your day entirely, creatively, true to you, + to tell a story that you can relive for years to come. Your love is unique + timeless.
Your photos will be too.

Adam and Alexandra Photography Calgary Wedding Photographer


Let's make a date + capture life as you live it. Whether you're looking for couple, family, or individual portraits, we want to collaborate with you to show your true colours in a unique + creative way.

For the lovebirds // We are true believers that you don't necessarily need to be celebrating a milestone to get photos of yourselves in love. Let's just celebrate that you have an awesome person to hang out with, go do something fun, + commemorate this time in your lives together.

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Let's hang out, create cool photos, + make some memories.
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