"you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky"

- Michael Scott

- Adam + Alex


Hey, we're adam + alex!


Skilled snackers, sass-masters, obsessive moviegoers, dream chasers, + photographers based in Calgary, Alberta. We met in 2012 + have been best buds ever since. We're all about traveling to + getting lost in new cities around the world, spontaneous road-tripping + channeling our inner Beyoncé doing carpool karaoke, snacking + binge-watching movies/TV shows, wandering around our incredibly rad hometown, + generally just having fun + laughing together.

We've both loved photography for as long as we can remember. We spent a lot of our adolescence experimenting with disposable, point + shoot, instant film, + beginner DSLR cameras. Since the beginning of our relationship, we've loved aimlessly exploring with our cameras - experimenting with taking photos of each other, our friends, + our surroundings. We started photographing love stories + weddings together in 2016. It's been a wild ride + a freakin' dream.

- Photos above taken by a rad chick livin’ in a van: Katch Silva -

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Meet alex

  • When I'm not taking photos, I'm drinking a cup of coffee (or two), reading good books, watching stand-up comedy, + trying not to fall off my skateboard.

  • I believe that the most important lessons in life can be learned by reading Harry Potter.

  • My 14-year-old self is still kickin' around in the form of my unabashed love for teen dramas (#joeyandpacey4ever), boy bands, + YA fiction.

  • I unnecessarily abbreviate words + curse like a fucking sailor.

  • The best advice I've ever received is to do it scared.

Meet Adam

  • When I'm not taking photos, I'm drinking a cup of coffee (or eight), making music, terrifying myself with alien documentaries, + picking Alex up from falling off her skateboard.

  • Pizza + tacos occupy a good chunk of my thoughts + all of my belly.

  • I like video games + weird science fiction books + time travel movies.

  • I am the world's deepest sleeper. I sleep soundly through all kinds of alarms (including that of the fire variety... yikes).

  • I think the raddest thing you can do is throw yourself into your passions. The world is a better place when people do what they love.


our approach

We document moments authentically with a love for natural light, shadows, + a bit of grit. We believe that stories of love + genuine connection can be creatively told through photographs. We'll get those classic posed shots that your families will frame but what we love most is capturing moments + emotions as they unfold naturally + artfully creating images. 

We love hanging out, getting to know, adventuring with fun people. We want to have fun with you, make jokes, be goofs, be pals. We genuinely give a shit about the awesome humans we photograph. We want to connect meaningfully with who we work with, discovering what they love + what makes them unique. 

We love creating photographs that are real + unique to your story.


our couples

Our couples are looking for photographers they can rely on + trust in, who they can laugh + hang out with, who truly care about their happiness + will work their asses off to document the most important day of their lives with care + dedication. Our couples are into creative, candid photography. They're pretty chill, yet always in favour of spontaneity. They are laid-back adventurers, the kind to carry beers in their backpacks + are always down for a river hang. They're affectionate, open, + laugh a lot. They're risk-takers,
a little bit (usually super) badass.

They are adventure buddies, partners in crime, two humans who have so much fun together that they're vowing to be best friends forever.

If this sounds like you, let's hang.