Please fill out this form with information of the vendors/artisans that are contributing to your wedding. If they don't have a website, please provide their social media details or email address. If a field doesn't apply (e.g. you don't have a planner), leave it blank.

Thanks a million!

P.s. Okay, this is kind of a long list we want you to fill out. If you're wondering why we want this information: We really love to be able to connect with + recognize the people who contribute to your wedding + our couples tend to choose unique + particularly awesome vendors. Not only do we want the opportunity to showcase + credit them on social media + our website, we also love being able to send them photos of their work directly. They get professional shots of a real-life wedding they contributed to + potentially share our names with their following as well. We're passionate about community + forming meaningful relationships with the talented people in our industry. This helps us do that. So, really - Thank you.

if it's at a separate location from your ceremony
cake, etc.
invites, signs, etc.
If it's a dress, try to include designer + boutique if possible!
decor, dining, etc.
shuttle/limo company
include the makers/providers of any other awesome addition to your wedding that we may have missed!