How to have a kick-ass engagement session

Not everybody is super comfortable in front of a camera + that's totally okay. We know that getting your photo taken can feel a bit intimidating, but together we can make the best out of capturing this really exciting time in your lives. We want these photos to represent who you are as a couple + for all of us to have a bit of fun while doing it. Take a look over these little pieces of advice + try to keep them in mind for our shoot. We promise you'll rock it.

Challenge yourselves to be vulnerable + don't hold back

We want you to be open + honest with us.
We need to be invited into your intimacy to capture you authentically. Try your best to be true to who you are. Embrace the vulnerability of each moment + don't hide what makes you unique as a couple. Whether you're goofy, adventurous, quiet, laid back - we want to see that. Let us experience your outtake moments that you usually only share alone. 
We're totally there to guide you through all of this during the shoot, but we'll need you to meet us halfway + let us in.

Location, location, location

The setting, location, and weather will all affect how you interact with each other + your surroundings. They'll have a big impact on your mood and the vibe of your photos. Make sure to surround yourself with what you love. Whether that means we're on a foggy mountain top, waltzing around your favourite neighbourhood, lazing around in your home, or hanging out by the river - we just want you to fit into your environment naturally + for it to represent who you are as a couple.

Wear your threads

Wear clothing that you feel comfortable + confident in. You don't need to dress up because this is an occasion (unless you want to!) - again, we want to capture who you are authentically. So wear your favourite sweater, dress, pair of jeans or sneakers. We do recommend avoiding big logos, but we love a good band T.
Don't be afraid of sporting a wide-brim hat, or flaunting statement accessories, or rocking neutrals if that's what reflects you best. Whatever. You do you.
Just remember the terrain we'll be in + the weather we may have when you're picking your clothing + footwear!
If you need help picking an outfit, we're more than happy to give you our opinion! Send us photos or bring a couple options to the shoot + we'll help you decide.

Coordination is key

Instead of matching your outfits perfectly, focus on coordinating them a bit.
Choose colours that compliment each other, pieces that are worn for the same season, outfits that belong in the same dress code.

Take time

It can be difficult to be your sweetest selves after a stressful day of running errands. On the day of our shoot or at least in the couple hours before it, spend some real time together. Relax, stay in bed to cuddle a bit longer than usual, go to your favourite bar to grab drinks. We don't want this to just be something you're crossing off the to-do list, we want you to have hearts in your eyes + be filled with excitement when your session comes around.
Indulge in each other + help us to capture you on your best day.

Pack light

Minimalism is key. Spontaneous shooting is tough when you're lugging around bags, big key chains, and water bottles.
We just want you to be light on your feet so we can catch all the little in-between moments.
In saying that, we totally welcome the idea of little props to make this session more you. A flask of your favourite beverage, camping mugs, a Navajo blanket.
Luckily there's two of us, so if there's an item that's important for you to bring, we're happy to carry the load.

Go with the flow

Let the dirt, pebbles, + branches get you messy. Let the wind tousle your hair. If it rains, we're just going to get wet.
We want to avoid stopping between shots to fuss over your outfit, make up, or hair. Let's just have fun + keep it natural + honest.

Liquid Courage

Beer, whiskey, whatever. If you have a favourite beverage: bring it, cheers it, drink it.
Having a drink (or smoke!) before we shoot can help you unwind + get you in the right state of mind!

Okay. Now let's create something awesome together.