Vinay + Bronte // Calgary, Alberta Engagement Session

Last week, we drove down the highway + down a gravel country road to a spot with a tipi + rolling hills. We brought Vinay + Bronte, two of our pals who just happen to be super photogenic + a really cute couple, + a bag full of smoke grenades. For the next couple hours, we wandered around the pathways + high grass, pulled the pins on a bunch of colourful smoke grenades, experimented with using these awesome/unpredictable new things that we had never tried photographing with before, + had a lot of fun doing it.

Vinay + Bronte were so easy to work with. Not only were they such troopers when it came down to the harsh smoke we asked them to stand in + the prickly fields we asked them to walk through, but they were also just naturally so affectionate toward each other. They were always drawn toward each other, made each other laugh constantly, teased one another. It was really fun capturing the two of them together.

This was such a great opportunity for us to experiment + learn with two people who were up for trying anything. We're really lucky to call these two our friends.