15 on 15 November: Motion

We’re in the processing of finalizing + sending out all of our last 2016 weddings so we’ve been hidden inside our editing cave for weeks (hit us up if you need TV shows to binge, we’ve recently watched ALL of them). Ironically, the prompt for this month’s #15on15Canada was #motion.

We’ve moved around a lot lately if you count the distance from our fridge to wherever our laptops are in the apartment. Sometimes we leave the remote in a place where we have to get up to confirm to Netflix yet again that yeah, of course we’re still watching. So this month's challenge was a great test in whether or not our legs can still take us further than 10 ft. But that’s part of the reason we love this community. It encourages us to photograph for ourselves, for fun, for creativity, for connection. And this prompt acted as an amazing excuse for us to close Lightroom + get outside to enjoy the last bit of Calgary’s fall weather. We’re grateful to be part of this community. And we're grateful for being forced to get off our asses + catch the sunset walking around our sweet lil neighbourhood last night.

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There's a lot of awesome work to see + photographers to get to know who are participating in this loop. If you enjoyed our #15on15 / #Motion blog post, your next stop should be Sarah’s blog or Instagram. Sarah is a gem of a human being + we love her ambition + passion for community. We're still new to the wedding photography game + Sarah has played a special role in our journey as an experienced and incredibly kind resource. We're really grateful to be connected to her through this community and others. She is a talented photographer who tells stories of true connection + joy between people in love through her light + airy images. In addition to capturing couples, she also works her magic in photographing products, boudoir, + portraits (AND her boxer puppy, Jinx)!

There is an amazing community of photographers in Canada, all who uniquely capture moments + people + places with an incredible amount of passion. Each one of us photographs + processes with a different vision. Our inspirations + motivations originate from different sources, we all have our own stories to tell. And we want to embrace that, highlight the beauty in our differences, share in the similarities of our paths + practices, learn from + encourage each other, grow together. Because we are better together. #communityovercompetition