15 on 15 October: A Day in the life

Any day in our lives as of recent has been seemingly quiet from the outside, but incredibly hectic on the inside. This was our first season of weddings so we're in the eye of the storm of managing our workflow + preparing for next year's weddings. Also, if you didn't already know, one half of this photography team is also a musician/producer. So in the midst of taking photos, editing, self-educating, marketing, etc., Adam is also writing + recording new music, producing, booking shows, collaborating with others. This is in the midst of working a full-time 9-5. We're working really hard to craft a life together full of art + passion. We've agreed since day one that we always want to be creating + that it's always better to create together. So it gets a little crazy sometimes, but it is so rewarding.

Yesterday, we worked; we read; we watched The Office while we edited + put together CDs; we listened to an episode of one of our favourite podcasts; we doted on our lil one-year-old cat, Podrick. And then something really exciting: Adam released a new album + played at a tribute show for one of his idols + inspirations, Eyedea. So. Rad.

Oh, things we didn't do: wash the dishes + clean our incredibly cluttered + unorganized apartment.

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There is an amazing community of photographers in Canada, all who uniquely capture moments + people + places with an incredible amount of passion. Each one of us photographs + processes with a different vision. Our inspirations + motivations originate from different sources, we all have our own stories to tell. And we want to embrace that, highlight the beauty in our differences, share in the similarities of our paths + practices, learn from + encourage each other, grow together. Because we are better together. #communityovercompetition