2015 marked a decade of friendship with this blonde beauty. Kelsey + I met in junior high, young + awkward + boy-crazy. We grew together through years of family struggle, fights + fallouts with girlfriends, first boyfriends + kisses + heartbreaks. We've learned how to be good + loyal friends, proud feminists, wild One Direction fangirls, + faux adults together. And today, we're still fighting our way through the bittersweet bewilderment + occasional darkness of being twenty-something, still walking hand-in-hand as we trip + slip + stumble forward in search of everything we ever dreamt up when we were 13-years-old.

I have so many memories with this girl. I remember getting in fights with my high school boyfriend + calling her from my front step in the middle of the night + she would talk to me for hours while I cried + complained + worked through my confusion + frustration. I remember countless times we offered homes to each other in the form of shoulders to cry on, rooms to spend the night, late night drives to escape an outside world we didn't want to face. I remember summer afternoons spent riding bikes + drinking slurpees, weekends smoking + giggling + wandering aimlessly around our quiet neighbourhood under the stars, trying new restaurants + eating cheese + drinking tea. I remember a late summer night writing our deepest desires + wildest dreams on scraps of paper + placing them in glass bottles + hurtling them toward the mountains, closing our eyes while we made wishes like these pieces of glass shimmering in the moonlight were shooting stars.

I don't think anything in our lives have turned out quite as we expected them to. There are a lot of things that have damaged our hearts, disappointed us. But through all the challenges + constantly feeling lost, I feel an incredible amount of comfort knowing I'll always have you. You've seen me through my most tumultuous + impossible times. You've always been there when it mattered most. You've always supported + believed in me. For all of these reasons + infinitely more, I am forever grateful for you. Thank you, a thousand times over, for being you.

Here's to many more decades.  

- A.