Autumn Vibes

Like so many others, fall is my favourite season. I'm not a big fan of pumpkin spice anything or the fact that yellow leaves are in abundance in this city while red ones are completely lacking. However, I do love the crisp breeze and the clothes that come with it. Fall and I also have a good relationship because I can still spend Sundays exploring with Adam, bundled up but not bogged down by snow and minus twenty-five weather. This Sunday was no exception.

We started out at the Art Commons downtown. As part of Alberta Culture Days, the Arts Commons was offering free behind-the-scenes tours and classes. We decided to wander around instead - it's just more our style.

After exploring this building of inspiration and creativity, we took a little trip down to the Calgary Corn Maze. We haven't been there for a couple years now and it was just as fun as when we first visited! Mini-golf, a petting zoo, giant jumping pillows, and a pumpkin patch -- it was the perfect destination for the first weekend of fall.

This also ended up being the perfect opportunity to practice with a dreamy new lens. I am endlessly grateful for these weekends in my lovely city and for Adam, who is always up for anything and who is not only my best friend, but also my favourite subject to photograph.

- A.