Sunday Ft. Beakerhead + Illuminasia

Sundays are my absolute favourite day of the week. For one, they are spent entirely with my best friend. Secondly, they are spent adventuring with said best friend. Our typical Sunday goes like this: wake up + drift back to sleep, repeat several times as the sun rises and until our hash brown cravings get too strong to ignore, go to Red's in Ramsay for a breakfast dish lathered in their perfect hollandaise sauce (seriously, it's life-changing), road trip to the mountains or wander around our city, indulge in some car karaoke feat. Kanye and One Direction, take some pictures, and continuously snack and laugh all day. It's the best.

I count ourselves especially lucky when there are cool events being held in the city to check out. Fortunately, venues all around Calgary are constantly hosting the most interesting, unique events and markets. This past weekend, we were able to check out Beakerhead (a city-wide mash-up of art, science, and engineering) and Illuminasia (a lantern and garden festival at the Calgary Zoo) -- it was a blast.

I think my favourite part was exploring a bit of the Barron Building during Beakerhead, a previously abandoned building that opened its doors to be an engineering backdrop for a "Temporary Gallery of Lasting Impressions."


I hadn't been to the Zoo in a very long time - so long in fact, that they had added bearded dragons AND animatronic dinosaurs in my absence. We started by wandering around the Prehistoric Park. To summarize briefly, the animatronics would've been 1000% cooler if the dinosaurs were active constantly instead of every 90 seconds but they're giant, moving dinosaurs so who am I to complain? Also, it is a stark comparison between the new part of the park and the old. It would kind of be like excitedly walking around Disney World with your Mickey-Mouse-shaped candy apple and then stumbling unexpectedly upon Banksy's Dismaland surrounded by garbage and decay. Anyway, as the sun started to set, we found our way over to the lanterns.

I loved it. A crisp fall breeze was dancing through my hair, we were bundled up and holding hands. Our faces were illuminated by whimsical lanterns at every turn. They were unique and so beautiful. Basically, we have decided to never again attend the torture that is Zoo Lights - this was 5x less cold and contained 10x less LED lights. That's a winning combination.

Three cheers for Sundays + exploring + art + this wonderful city of mine!

- A.